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Bug fixes

6.0 | Mostly Magic

Long time, no release! More than a year! The OpenMOLE team is very proud to disclose "Mostly Magic", the 6th major version of OpenMOLE. As a reminder OpenMOLE is a software for parameter exploration, optimisation, data processing which allow a simple access to large scale distributed execution environments. It has been designed to be useful for a wide range of users and is usable even for people with no knowledge in distributed computing.

What's new?

What's to come in next release?

First we plan to avoid as much as possible the long release cycles such as this one, we will make our best to shorten the release cycle of OpenMOLE to a few months. A new website is under development (thanks Paul & Etienne aka jQuery team) The documentation will be emporered with a search function in the documentation (thanks Julien!!!) A new ContainerTask will offer support for Docker / OCI containers A modular OpenMOLE, with additional plugins enabled on demand Improvement of the interface to be even more user friendly, with more tooltips and integrated help.

A multi-user version that you can install on a server and be used by several user at the same time The possibility to delegate computation to cloud provider such as Amazon, Azure... and cloud middleware such as open stack.
Bug fixes


Bug fixes


Fix the deserialization of the authentications.
Bug fixes

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