Advanced concepts

OpenMOLE has a lot of handy features that allows the familiar user to tune the workflow of execution into much more details that previously described in the Model and Method sections. We present here the relevant elements of the OpenMOLE framework:

OpenMOLE technical concepts

Fine-tune your workflow using the elements of the OpenMOLE language :
  • In OpenMOLE, transitions link tasks with each other. Here are presented several kinds of Transitions available in OpenMOLE
  • Model tasks are represented as functions, taking arguments, and producing outputs. The Hook mechanism helps to make side effects on them (like displaying outputs, storing them in files, etc)
  • The Sources permit to inject data in the data-flow,
  • The way that OpenMOLE transmit data from one task to anotherĀ is described on the Dataflow,
  • Embed you own java/scala code and libraries into OpenMOLE though an OpenMOLE plugin.

Development Documentation

Plugin development
Develop your own plugin to have full control over your code - OpenMOLE integration: Plugin

Server Version and REST API
Command your OpenMOLE server from within your own app: Web server and REST API

Console mode
The OpenMOLE scripts can also be copy - paste interactively in a console